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NFE Athlete Spotlight: Katy Freye

By March 31, 2016December 5th, 2023Awareness, NF Endurance, Ways to Give

Katy Freye is a Choose Your Own Event athlete who keeps coming back to the NF Endurance team year after year. Over the past four years, she has raised over $17,000! Katy races on behalf her son, Austin. Her next event is the Swim Across Key West relay event in June and will easily cross the $20,000 fundraising mark for her 5 year total!

What is your favorite part of being a member of the NFE team?
The NFE Team allows me to help my son, Austin, and children like him with neurofibromatosis. It gives me an outlet to convert a tiny part of my helplessness into action. Even alone at the start I know I am a part of something bigger, because I join with other NFE team members to work toward ONE goal…END NF!

What keeps you going during the toughest moments?
Austin. My son has been through so much, from open-heart surgery at four months, to more doctor visits than we can count, to struggling daily with learning and social delays. His tough moments out-weigh early morning swims, jumping in frigid, dark waters or an injury. Austin’s bravery and positive attitude inspire me every day in everything I do.

Do you have any advice for other NF Endurance athletes?
Do not be afraid to talk about neurofibromatosis, why you are a part of NFE and to raise funds! Your friends and family will surround you with their support and generosity.

How does it feel knowing you raised so much money for CTF and NF research?
Blessed. Our friends and family made this possible. Their generosity and empathy is amazing!

What is your favorite song to train to?
Most of my training is in the pool. I do not own under-water headphones so I don’t have a favorite song to train to. If I did, it might be Sabotage by the Beastie Boys…but because I don’t, I sometimes just repeat Dory’s mantra from Finding Nemo: just keep swimming…

For information on joining the NF Endurance team and a list of upcoming events, please visit