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NFE’s RAAM Team Completes the Journey

By June 27, 2011December 5th, 2023Awareness

Official time: 8 days 5 hours and 1 minute

That’s how long it took our NF Endurance team members to complete the Race Across America (RAAM).  From the first tire track in Oceanside, California to the journey’s completion (fittingly) in Annapolis, Maryland, RAAM is the story of commitment to a cause greater than its participants.  Each rider, and each crew member, battled the elements and the obstacles to raise awareness about NF and raise funds to advance treatments for the disorder.

It’s a remarkable feat, one that speaks to the incredible commitment of our four riders, Steve, Connie, CB, and Rodney, and their supporting crew – we are grateful and fortunate to have such wonderful people champion our cause.

The RAAM event, with its ups and downs, high points and lows, is a strong metaphor for the challenges that families battling NF endure.  The uncertainties of the journey can be troubling but with the strength of the crew/family’s support, coupled with the backing of the Children’s Tumor Foundation, we can and will find treatments and a cure for NF together.  Together we’ll reach our goal, and it is the efforts of our RAAM team, and the many of you throughout the country who every day work to support our cause, that we will end NF through research.

Congrats to our RAAM team, I hope they’re enjoying a well-deserved rest after this truly remarkable accomplishment.

Ed note: For more on the RAAM team please visit their site at