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Note to CTF Funding Recipients

The Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF) wants to communicate to its funding recipients that we are closely following the coronavirus pandemic situation and are cognizant of its potential impact on your research-related activities. As always, we are committed to our mission to end NF and to safeguard the interests of all our constituents, including our grantees, especially in these uncertain times.

If your CTF-funded research is being interrupted or delayed by the coronavirus-related circumstances, we ask you to write to us as soon as possible with details about the specific nature of the impact, likely duration of the impact, and any consequent change in your research-related needs. We understand that you may not be able to anticipate all possible issues at this time but would like you to give us a reasonable assessment of the changes you foresee. If the project timelines are impacted, we will be flexible with reporting deadlines and will consider any requests for no-cost-extensions to adjust for the lost time. While we cannot provide any additional funding beyond what has already been committed to your award, we assure you that we do not anticipate any disruptions to the payments beyond the fact that payments will be wired instead of sent as checks, which may require some additional time for setting up.

For those of you applying to the Drug Discovery Initiative Registered Reports (DDIRR) program, the deadline has been extended to April 27, 2020. If you have submitted an application to our Young Investigator Award (YIA) program, we expect to be within the original timelines and will advise if something changes. For general inquiries about our awards, please email For specific award-related questions, please contact the corresponding program manager –