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Ozzy Osbourne – from Ironman to Genome Man

By October 27, 2010December 5th, 2023Awareness

Interesting stories this week on  full genome sequencing done on two individuals. In Japan, a team from the RIKEN center used massively parallel sequencing technology to  analyze the complete genome of a Japanese individual, the first time this has ever been done.  While the work will be published in Nature Genetics, early story found at FierceBiotech.

Stealing the spotlight, Cofactor Genomics in St. Louis sequenced Ozzy Osbourne’s full genome.  Knome, Inc. analyzed the data, some of which will be presented at the TEDMED conference in San Diego on Friday.  Stories at Technology Review, and Scientific American.

While it will be interesting to know if Ozzy’s genetic makeup protects him from biting the heads off of bats, long term exposure to extremely loud music, or the wide variety of abuse he has put his body through, the bigger story is the increasing work on full genome sequencing.

As the costs of full genome sequencing declines, volume will increase. Hopefully genomics will follow Moore’s law in computing, making this technology available to all, and ushering in personalized medicine.