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Phase I Trial of Light-Based Therapy for NF1 Plexiforms at CHOP

By August 12, 2009December 18th, 2023Awareness, Science & Research

Today sees the first pediatric patient treated in a Phase I trial of the light-activated drug talaporfin sodium (Aptocine) in patients with NF1 – associated plexiform neurofibromas. The trial at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is a collaboration with the company Light Sciences Oncology. Michael Fisher, M.D., at CHOP’s Division of Oncology, is the principal investigator of the study. Dr. Fisher is also the Director of CHOPs Affiliate Clinic of the Children’s Tumor Foundation NF Clinic Network.

The study will enroll 18-24 patients between 3 and 21 years of age with debilitating, severely disfiguring, life-threatening, or progressive PN tumors that are not surgically resectable, and for which no other standard medical management exists. Complete information on the study is available at with the identifier: NCT00716469. For information on this and all other currently open NF clinical trials visit