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Photo Contest 2023 Winner Announced

By October 20, 2023February 28th, 2024Awareness, Story of NF

We’re ecstatic to announce the winners of the 2023 Make NF Visible Summer Photo Contest!

We know how hard the NF community works to raise awareness – and we were thrilled to see where you made NF visible this summer!

Scroll down for the winning photo and runner-ups!! And remember, you can always share your photos with us by using the hashtag #EndNF and/or sharing your Story of NF at!


Woman Running a race with CTF Shirt

I ran my second half marathon in June! –submitted by Carly M.


(in no particular order)
A girl standing in a classroom.
Maggie decided she wanted to educate others about her experience with NF. She created a presentation about how NF impacts her and wrote a poem about her hopes for the future. –submitted by Liz B.


A man in a t - shirt standing in front of the empire state building.
SUMMIT One Vanderbilt while wearing CTF shirt & view of Empire State Building –submitted by Jonah L.


A little girl standing next to a mcdonald's statue.
This was at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House! We were in town for MRI scans for Mackenzie’s OPG related to NF1. My daughter, my mom, and I all have type 1. We’ve met several families at home and in Philly from wearing our shirts and I love that they make us more visible and more approachable to families just starting their journey with NF. –submitted by Amanda A.


Click here to see a selection of all the submissions.