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Q&A with John Edman, NF Hero and Baseball Enthusiast

By August 4, 2023January 10th, 2024Awareness, NF1, Story of NF

John Edman is a data engineer for the Minnesota Twins. In the Spring, John worked with the Twins to create “NF Day at Target Field,” and helped organize an opportunity for one of the younger NF Heroes to throw the first pitch!


Children’s Tumor Foundation: When were you diagnosed with NF?

John Edmon: My parents found the cafe-au-lait spots on my chest and leg, but the diagnosis came as a result of the freckling in my armpits. My parents were concerned about developmental delays; though this concern was alleviated when I started reading at age 3.


How has NF impacted your life?

Other than monitoring the growth of my neurofibroma, I try not to let it impact my life too much. Moving forward, my wife and I are looking into adoption and genetic testing, as we are aware of the risks of proceeding with having children the standard way.


What has been a defining moment in your NF journey?

Prior to 2010, I had been connected with one person online who I chatted with occasionally about NF. It was eye-opening to see other people at Camp K in 2010, all of whom had different experiences with NF and how it manifested itself in them.


What do you want to share, but we didn’t ask?

Right now, I am living my best life. I got married last year and am in my fourth year working as a data engineer for the Minnesota Twins, working closely with baseball operations. Most evenings during the non-winter months, you can find my wife and I at Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins. Other than that, we enjoy exploring the majesty of God’s creation in Minnesota.


Rapid Fire:
Favorite song? I’m So Blessed by Cain
What is your favorite food? Korean BBQ
What is one fun fact you want everyone to know? I’ve been to over 150 MLB games over the last 3 seasons