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Ras Symposium honoring Frank McCormick

Frank McCormick, PhD, FRS, is Professor of the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. To honor his 70th birthday on July 29, the University of California San Francisco is organizing a scientific symposium with two days of science talks from previous trainees, collaborators, and friends. Prof. McCormick has dedicated his entire career to studying the RAS pathway, a molecular mechanism responsible for many cancers, and intimately connected to NF1. He has been instrumental to the NF community contributing to the understanding of the NF1 protein, its many functions, and its regulation. He has presented his latest works many times at the NF Conference and is considered one of the most influential leaders in cancer research. Please join Prof McCormick and the many researchers and friends on July 29 and 30 for two days full of science.

Click here for details on the event.