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Scientific Poster Exhibition Winners at the 2014 NF Conference

By June 11, 2014December 18th, 2023NF Conference, Science & Research

Congratulations to the 2014 NF Conference Scientific Poster Exhibit winners!

Basic Science Category

1 – Christine MacKenzie, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard
Mechanical Organization of the Cell Cortex by the Tumor Suppressor Nf2/Merlin Regulates EGFR Trafficking and Signaling

2 – Alexander Pemov, National Institutes of Health
Evidence of Multiple Independent NF2 Somatic Inactivation and Tumor Initiation Events in NF Type 2-associated Vestibular Schwannomas

3 – Ting Su, University of Chicago
Mer Regulates Hippo Pathway by Recruiting Wts to Apical Region of Epithelial Cells in Drosophila


Clinical Science Category

1 – Angela diGiannatale, Weill Cornell Medical College
Use of Exososmes and Bone-Marrow Derived Cells (BMDCs) as Surrogate Markers of Plexiform Neurofibroma and MPNST Transformation

2 – Michael Fisher, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Risk of OPG Development in NF type-1 Patients with Optic Nerve Tortuosity or Thickness

3 – Christine Casnar, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Relations between fine motor skill and parental report of attention in young children with NF1