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Stories of NF: Arlene W

By November 6, 2023January 29th, 2024Awareness, NF1, Story of NF

I was diagnosed (with NF1) when I was about six years old. My grandma noticed a bump on my elbow and my parents took me to the doctor. There they did a biopsy and that was when they told my family I had NF1.

The way it impacts my life is that I have a hard time in school. I’ve always had a hard time in school but I never knew that it was because of my NF. I just thought I wasn’t smart. NF impacts my life where I can get easily tired, I don’t have a good balance and it affects my memory as well. Having all this could also get in the way of my job but thankfully it doesn’t affect me too much while I am at work.

The way NF impact my plans that I have for the future is starting a family. Because of my NF, I decided not to have kids. I know there is a 50/50 chance of my child having NF and I don’t want to risk it. I also don’t want my child to have to go through what I am going through now.

Despite my school challenges that I have had in the past (and even to this day), I have four degrees (plus another one is in progress) and the few school programs that I have done (Criminal Justice, Medical Billing and Coding, and Medical Assistant), I have excelled in those programs and even gotten all A’s in my Criminal Justice and Medical Assistant programs and graduated from all three.

I work with people with developmental disabilities and it is by far the best job I have ever had. I feel accepted by my clients, co-workers and my company. I don’t feel judged and my work is MY family. I love my clients and I love my co-workers. It is by far the best team I have ever been a part of. Spending time with my family and friends, especially my boyfriend, Michael, is what makes me happy.

Favorite Song
Love Story by Taylor Swift

Dream Superpower
To be able to teleport anywhere I want

Favorite Food
Steak and potatoes

Fun Fact
When I want to accomplish something, I will keep going until I accomplish it. I will not give up