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Stories of NF: Brandon

By May 23, 2018December 5th, 2023NF1, Story of NF

Brandon was diagnosed with NF at 6 months. It has caused his left bone to be bowed and he has had multiple surgeries that resulted in amputating his leg. His NF also caused his speech to be delayed, as well, which he goes to speech therapy for.

Brandon shows and encourages everyone by showing them that even though he wears a prosthetic leg that he can do things just like anyone else. Even when he isn’t wearing his prosthetic he will hop around on one leg. He just goes and goes and is very independent he doesn’t want any help he wants to reach his goals all by himself.

Brandon loves to play with his older brother Michael. He loves to build with Legos, play with playdough and ride his bike. He loves to help mom and dad bake cookies and cupcakes.

-Jennifer, Brandon’s mom



Motto Never doubt, only believe

Dream Vacation Disney World

Superpower To fly