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Stories of NF: Brayden K.

By May 9, 2017February 28th, 2024NF1, Story of NF

Brayden was diagnosed at only a couple months old. When they diagnosed him, my husband and mother-in-law finally had a diagnosis also!

Brayden has a large clump of fibromas on his neck and shoulder region. The hardest thing ever is hugging your child and they scream in pain and there is nothing that you can do to help him. Sometimes he will be completely fine and the next minute he is screaming in pain and rolling around on the floor to try and make the pain go away. Even though Brayden suffers in pain, he couldn’t be a happier little boy. His smile lights up a room, he skips everywhere he goes and he has the biggest heart of anyone I know. As far as the future goes, I pray daily they will find a cure for NF to help so many of my family members and others. Until then, we just live day by day and try whatever we can think of for pain management.

Brayden is in 3rd grade. His teachers and friends absolutely adore him! He has a pet dog named Nala, who is his best friend, and a pet bunny named Lucky. Brayden loves to be my “eye for the sky” and tell me when it’s going to be a great sunset so that we can go watch together. Brayden loves fishing, camping, picking on his brother and doing family things. Brayden is happiest when he is helping others. He always thinks of everyone else before himself. Brayden is truly our NF Hero!

– Brayden’s mom Amy



Hobby Legos and playing with his big brother

Favorite food Nachos

Superpower To turn into a Transformer