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Stories of NF: Chloe M.

By January 23, 2020December 5th, 2023NF1, Story of NF

We first learned that this could be a possible diagnosis when she had a plexiform Neurofibroma on her hand. Multiple doctors were confused and guessed at the possibilities of what it was exactly. Once she went in to surgery in August, they discovered it was a nerve tumor, and after the lab work came back two weeks later, it was confirmed. We then saw a genetic doctor, and they gave her a clinical diagnosis.

Chloe doesn’t let anything stop her! She has ADHD and two heart conditions (inappropriate sinus tachycardia and mild pulmonary stenosis). We haven’t changed our daily habits much, and she’s dancing and competing like normal! We hope this disease doesn’t impact us greatly.

We are planning on attending our first NF Walk to help show our support for others and becoming involved in the community. We have found a few other fighters and are encouraging them along their fight. We have joined support groups to be surrounded by positive people and others fighting.

Chloe loves to dance, tumble, and cheer. She loves to be around people, has a very kind heart and wants to make sure everyone is included. She attends school and excels at reading. You can catch her playing outside or reading in her spare time. She’s a daddy’s girl through and through. She wants to be a veterinarian or a teacher when she grows up.



Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

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