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Stories of NF: Michele H.

By November 8, 2016February 28th, 2024Story of NF, SWN

“I learned of my schwannomatosis diagnosis at the age of 32.

“I have more than 20 tumors and counting. I live in pain daily, but I do not allow this pain to stop me from moving forward. I do worry about the future knowing that I have a tumor on my liver that is growing and inoperable, but I will not let that stop me in helping raise awareness for NF.

“I am a wife, a mother and grandmother! I have the most amazing husband, family and friends who fight this fight with me every day! I am a fighter, I am courageous and I want to raise awareness for NF to find a cure!! My husband knew I had NF before he married me and has been on a journey of tests, radiation and surgeries and stands beside me every step of the way. My parents are my rock!! No matter how old I am I am still there little girl and they walk beside me and hold my hand!

“I love helping others and I run for those who have NF that can’t and I fight for those with NF that can’t! I want to be a positive role model and do all I can to fight for NF and help with finding a cure.”





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Superpower To remove sadness from Earth