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Stories of NF: Samantha L.

By February 6, 2019December 5th, 2023NF1, Story of NF

I was about 4 or 5 months old when I was diagnosed with NF1. In 1st grade I found out I had a tumor in my jaw and I had it removed. I have had about three surgeries on my bottom left jaw and never had teeth grown back since my tumor.

NF had impacted my life in a lot of ways. I have a learning disability and it caused me to learn much slower than other people my age.

I am 20 years old now. I love country music! I am attending Fanshawe College and I am currently taking classes to become a Developmental Service Worker (my dream is to work with children with disabilities). I also have taken classes in Early Childhood Education. I am happy that I am able to attend college because all my life my teachers told me I wouldn’t be able to go because of my NF and my learning disability.

When fighting I always look at the positive view. I never let anyone tell me who I am not and I keep fighting every day.



Motto Always follow your heart and never give up

Favorite Song Fight Song

Superpower To stay strong forever