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Stories of NF: Sloan B.

By January 24, 2017February 28th, 2024NF1, Story of NF

“We learned of Sloan’s diagnoses in early December of 2015. It was right before his 5th birthday.

“Sloan has been in speech and occupational therapy way before his NF diagnoses. We noticed his delays early on and he started therapy at 2. In addition to the physical, occupational and speech therapy weekly, Sloan also goes for MRIs every 3 months to monitor his optic glioma. I believe that we will always have to deal with NF. He will always be a bit behind all of his peers. I’m confident, though, that it will not detour Sloan from accomplishing all that he wants to accomplish in life. We consider ourselves lucky that things were not worse for Sloan and we continue to pray that it stays that way.

“We are newer to the NF family than others. And when I say family, it has truly become a family. I have learned more from the people in our community than anywhere else. The Children’s Tumor Foundation has also taught us so much and always directed us towards the best care for Sloan. We were able to get Sloan’s school involved in raising awareness by wearing blue on World NF Awareness Day and doing activities that helped teach both his friends and his teachers a little more about NF. We walked with a team this summer for the NF Walk and raised a lot of money thanks to good friends. The family has been Sloans #1 supporter and love attending the fun activities that we do to help raise awareness.”



Occupation Kindergarten student

Favorite Food Pizza

Hobby Coloring with sidewalk chalk and swimming

-Rebecca, Sloan’s mom