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Stories of NF: TJ F.

By October 19, 2021February 1st, 2024Story of NF

TJ was a little over a year and a half old when he was first diagnosed. He was having some eye problems and we took him in immediately for an MRI. Since then, has undergone chemo and is blind in one eye. He has Chiari malformation and most recently a syrinx in his spine and scoliosis. We found out he will soon need decompression surgery for his Chiari.

We tell TJ he can still do anything his little mind wants to do. He is our motivation for us all to be better. He is the strongest person I’ve ever met, and he’s only 5!

TJ loves life and is happy when he’s surrounded by family. He’s the sweetest, chattiest kid who loves swimming and going on trips even if it’s just to a “new” target. His other interests are video games, especially Super Mario, Pokémon, or anything Nintendo!

Our family is currently signed up for Shine a Light NF walk in Cincinnati and we are looking forward to being involved with the community to raise critical funds for NF research.

Quick Takes


Life is tough, you are tougher.

Favorite Song

Going on a Bear Hunt


Invisibility! He loves playing hide and seek.