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Synodos For Schwannomatosis


New York, NY, May 4, 2016.  The Children’s Tumor Foundation is proud to launch a new consortium for schwannomatosis, the rarest and least studied form of neurofibromatosis. Based on the Synodos model for NF1 and NF2, the ‘Synodos for Schwannomatosis’ is a multi-tiered project that will bring together basic, translational, and clinical researchers towards the end goal of developing effective treatments for schwannomatosis.

Schwannomatosis patients not only develop multiple benign schwannomas but also suffer from severely debilitating pain. In fact, morbidity due to intractable pain, which often persists after tumor resection, is the main challenge for schwannomatosis patients and caregivers. Incomplete understanding of the molecular basis of the disease together with the absence of well-characterized preclinical tools such as cell lines and animal models have been the main roadblocks for therapeutic advancements. Therefore, the Synodos for Schwannomatosis will initially fund studies that are focused on either i) discovering therapeutic targets for pain from an extensive ‘omics’ characterization of uniformly annotated schwannomas or ii) developing cell lines and animal models that faithfully recapitulate schwannomatosis. The consortium will be funded for two years with a total budget of $1.0 million. The use of the International Schwannomatosis Database and the creation of a network of international collaborations are highly encouraged.


For more details about the specifications of Synodos for Schwannomatosis and the application process, please click here.

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We look forward to your participation in this exciting endeavor!