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Shine a Light NF Walk Tee-Shirt Design Winner

By June 22, 2020January 17th, 2024Featured, NF1

Earlier this year, we put out a call for designs to be used on an exclusive tee-shirt for the Shine a Light NF Walks. We were blown away by the creative and thoughtful entries. We’re excited to share the winning design, which came from an NF Mom, who was inspired by her love for her 4-year-old NF Hero:

“My name is Hsin-Yin (Sandy) Chen. I am a visual designer from Taiwan, and I have a 4 years old boy with NF1.

“My son has a few café au lait skin spots when he was born, and his doctor told me that if the number of the skin spots increases, he will need to have a genetic test to check if he has NF. A year later, we did the genetic test due to the increasing number of spots on his skin. He was then diagnosed with the type 1 NF.

“Neither I nor my husband has NF so we had no idea what NF is and what symptoms NF might cause at the time. Therefore, I was worried and feared of the chronic pain that might happen to my son in the future. It is even worse to know that there is no treatment for NF yet. It is the fear of the unknown for me, and I believe that some of the NF patients and their parents have the same feeling as mine.

“LOVE is important; it makes our life worth living, and it serves as a support structure for us to build our ship on and help us to overcome our difficulties. Therefore, I designed the T-shirt graphic by using letter N and F to present a heart shape in hoping that people can end NF with LOVE together.”

Every individual participant who raises $100 will receive this Shine a Light NF Walk tee-shirt . Visit for information about this year’s events.