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Join us for a Webinar on Focused Ultrasound’s Potential Role in Neurofibromatosis Treatment

The Focused Ultrasound Foundation and the Children’s Tumor Foundation invite you to join a virtual panel discussion introducing focused ultrasound to the neurofibromatosis research community.

Four brief presentations will highlight the current challenges in neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2) treatment and the potential of focused ultrasound to become a versatile clinical tool to treat a wide range of medical disorders, with a particular emphasis on focused ultrasound-enhanced drug delivery techniques. The subsequent discussion and Q&A will allow the panel of experts to begin to brainstorm how focused ultrasound may benefit NF2 patients as well as provide ample opportunity for questions from online participants.

We encourage you to join us Wednesday, August 12, at 11:00am Eastern and engage in the discussion. Click here to register.