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Why we’re committed to Ending NF: “Miles needs it more than I do.”

Here at CTF we often hear stories about the beautiful generosity of those who participate in the numerous events we hold around the country. Sometimes, though, a story grabs our attention and brings tears of gratitude to our eyes. Today we were gifted with one such story.

Jennifer White, one of our dedicated NF Walk Coordinators, shared an email with us today that we wanted to pass on to you. Monica Roberts, a committee member for the Iowa NF Walk wrote the following about the impact of her volunteerism on her children:

“This walk and committee experience has taught my children so much; I’m so grateful! Every time they see anything blue and green they say, “Look! It’s NF colors!” They are learning about giving, sharing, and disabilities, as well as the importance of health. My seven-year-old, Noah, went to his room and took $20 out and handed it to me. I asked him what it was for, and he said, “It’s NF month, I want to donate it to Miles.” I told Noah that $20 was a lot of money and that it was basically all his piggy bank savings and asked him if he was sure that he wanted to donate all of it. His response was, “It’s okay Mamma, Miles needs it more than I do.” And the story ends with tears flowing from my eyes!!! I’m so proud of my boys!”

We’re proud of those boys, too. And we are so proud of all our beautiful donors–of all the Noah’s out there who repeatedly give out of love and concern for those who are living with NF. We are also proud of the volunteers who, out of the kindness of their actions, inspire generosity in those around them. Please continue to share your stories with us; they are at the heart of what we do, and they are truly inspirational.

 Noah (L) and Miles (R)