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Your Make NF Visible Video: We Want to Hear from You!

By March 18, 2021December 4th, 2023Awareness, Story of NF, Video

The Children's Tumor Foundation wants to hear how you Make NF Visible. We created the Make NF Visible YouTube Gallery to collect personal stories from people like you – NF Heroes, patients, parents, advocates, and professionals. Grab your smartphone or sit at your computer, turn the camera on yourself, and answer these five questions. No fancy lighting or editing needed! We want simple videos about something that is not-so-simple to talk about.

If you prefer, you can use the embedded video recorder below to tell us how you Make NF Visible. Just click RECORD then when you are ready, click the red button at the bottom to record, then click it again when you are finished. Your video will automatically be saved!  When you are finished go back to THIS LINK or to sign the form so we have your permission to upload your video.



Answer these five questions – please adjust if needed to make them personal to you:

  • 1. Begin with your name which type of NF affects you: “My name is (your name) and (I have NF2).
  • 2. What is something ABOUT YOUR NF that people can't see?
  • 3. What is something ABOUT YOU that NF keeps people from seeing?
  • 4. WHY is it important to Make NF Visible?
  • 5. End your video with, “I want you to see me, and see NF.”

Remember, when you are finished go back to THIS LINK to sign the form so we have your permission to upload your video. Once we have it, your video will be added to the Make NF Visible YouTube Gallery in about 48 hours (to allow time for uploading, fixing problems, and captioning).

Thank you for adding your voice to help Make NF Visible!