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Celebrating love at last year’s Nashville NF Walk

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day and NF Heroes, Ken Janik and Erica Givens, are breathing it all in. Numerous bystanders were moved by the sight of Ken getting down on one knee and asking Erica to marry him! (She said yes, of course!)

Two of the top fundraisers at the NF Walk in Nashville in 2015, Ken, originally from Cheektowaga, NY, and Erica, from Nashville, TN, both have NF2. Several years ago, Ken reached out to Erica in a Facebook support group, then, after several months of blossoming communication, met at the 2013 NF Forum in Nashville.

“We are very happy,” says Erica. “Our relationship formed partially because of the NF Forum and Nashville Walk. So thank you very much to CTF for helping bring us together!”

We asked Ken and Erica to shed some light on their thriving relationship and aspirations for their future together, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Who initially reached out to whom and what emotions did you experience when you first connected online?

Ken: “I was first to contact her, she caught my attention in our Facebook support group. I was very happy to meet (online) someone so genuine and sweet who also had NF2. This made it very easy to talk to her and get to know her better since we could relate.”

Erica: “I was very happy and intrigued to get to know him.”

How did your expectations compare to your first (in-person) meeting?

Ken and Erica: “We were very nervous at first but blown away by how well we connected with one another.”

What is your favorite attribute about your other half?

Ken: “That’s an impossible question for me, I can’t just pick one! I’m so in love with so much about her!”

Erica: “That’s hard to pick just one. He has a very strong heart; I love his passion and dedication, his love for
his friends and family, he is the sweetest man I know!”

Tell us about your favorite memory together.

Ken: “I have done so much since meeting Erica it’s really hard to pick a favorite. I mean I never would have experienced some of the great things that we have if not for meeting her! I loved the cruises we have been on and all the places we have went together!”

Erica: “Our first kiss, I will never forget it!”

What is a hope that you have for your future together?

Ken and Erica: “To be able to enjoy our life together and to experience more amazing adventures together. To get married and fight our battles and NF together as one!”