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Children’s Tumor Foundation Has a New Logo!

By December 5, 2013May 21st, 2024Awareness, Video

We are proud to introduce a new logo for the Children’s Tumor Foundation, starting today. Research to end neurofibromatosis is the focus of what we do, and in order to enhance our ability to fulfill this mission, we unveil a new logo that conveys this message. With an eye to increasing public awareness of NF, the new logo reflects our focus on research towards a cure.

We’ve always said that neurofibromatosis is hard to say, harder to live with. The new logo also helps focus on the acronym NF, bringing our message to a broader audience. We continue to focus on research, patient support and education, and the development of NF clinical centers. With our new logo, we also improve our public awareness efforts: to promote earlier and accurate diagnoses, to increase the public’s understanding of NF, and to encourage support of this important cause.

Today, we have a new logo, but our mission remains the same… to End NF.


Children’s Tumor Foundation Logo Change – Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Why did the Foundation change its logo?
To enhance our ability to fulfill our mission, with particular emphasis on increasing public awareness of NF and research for a cure. Research is the key focus of what we do, and we wanted a logo that best conveys this message.

One of the biggest challenges any organization faces (whether for-profit or not-for-profit) is to ensure that the public knows and trusts it.  To accomplish this effectively, an organization needs a visual presence that is memorable and conveys at a glance what it stands for.  Our new logo sets this tone, and will be instrumental in breaking through the overload of media.

Q:  What are the components that make up the new logo?
After viewing various creative concepts, this one rose to the top quickly – it conveys the focus on research that we are striving for.  As we move from the prior logo with the puzzle pieces, which potentially caused confusion in the public’s eye with other organizations, the flask silhouettes better represent the work of the Foundation.

Q:  Do the flasks mean anything?
Beyond conveying research, the use of three flasks represents several other concepts, for example, the three primary forms of NF:  NF1, NF2 and schwannomatosis.  Or three types of research: basic, translational and clinical research.

Q: Does this signal a change in strategy or focus?
No.  For the next few years you can expect a similar expense percentage as that of the last few years, approximately 60% research, 20% public education and patient support, with fundraising and management expense combined forming the remaining 20%.

Q: Will the Foundation fund research into other types of genetic tumors?
No. Mission unchanged:  NF Research, NF Patient Support, NF Clinics and NF Public Education.

Q: Why change the tagline?  
Admittedly, neurofibromatosis is a mouthful, and few unaffected people will remember it.  By shortening this to NF, we afford the opportunity to educate the public in a much shorter attention window about what NF is, rather than focus on the long name.  We will, however, continue to use both names.

Q:  Will the program logos change as well?
The Foundation’s programs: for example, NF Walk, NF Endurance, Racing4Research, etc., will adopt logos that are similar to the new look/feel of the Foundation logo.  This will ensure branding consistency – and memorability – in the eyes of the public who interact with our programs.

Q:  Will the programs name change?  
No.  NF Walk, NF Endurance, NF Forum and others will remain unchanged.

 Q.  What is your budget for advertising this new logo?
We will not be purchasing any advertising for this rollout.  However, we do pursue many pro bono opportunities, both print and online. For example, the new logo will make an appearance in a donated advertisement in the December 6, 2013 issue of the Wall Street Journal, thanks to the support of ICON International and Quicken Loans.  If you would like to assist the Foundation with its media opportunities, please contact Simon Vukelj, Director of Communications, at

 Q.  Whose idea was is it to change the logo?
The Board of Directors, in response to comments and inquiries from the public, researchers, donors and volunteers.  The Public Education Committee of the Board took the lead role in this project, but the final decision was made by a unanimous decision of the full Board of Directors at the September 2013 meeting.

There was an in-depth research process led by an outside agency with expertise in nonprofit branding, and numerous concepts were created and discussed.  We engaged a diverse group of constituents from volunteer relations, science, donors, and the Board to advise and guide the process.

Q:  Who is on the Board and what is their connection to NF?
A full listing of our Board members can be found on our website at under the “Who We Are” button.  The Board is composed of individuals who have NF, have NF in their family or close friends with NF, and medical and scientific experts.  Without exception they are deeply committed to fulfilling the Foundation’s mission of research for a cure, patient support and public awareness.

Q:  I’m involved as a volunteer with the Foundation. Can I start using the new logo? 
Please check with your contact on Foundation staff regarding usage of the new logo.

Q:  I’d like to order materials (t-shirts, hats, etc.) with the new logo. How can I do that?
We’ll be rolling out new merchandise in early 2014. Watch for announcements on the website and on our social media pages.

Q:  I have further questions about the logo?
Please contact Simon Vukelj, Director of Communications, at

Q:  I have further questions about the Foundation and its work?
Please contact the Foundation at