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CTF EU partner IHI opens calls for two RFPs

CTF Europe is pleased to share this call for proposals from our partner Innovative Health Initiative (IHI):

Ensuring clinical trials represent everyone
This topic aims to address the fact that many groups of people are not fully represented in clinical studies in Europe due for example to gender, ethnicity, or other diverse socio-economic, systemic, and cultural barriers. The project will develop a multi-faceted, intersectional approach to overcoming these barriers associated with the recruitment and retention of underserved patient populations. Project outputs will include guidance on how to overcome these barriers in different settings and countries, as well as a patient-centric digital platform to help link up people from underserved populations with clinical studies. Ultimately, by ensuring clinical studies are more representative of the population as a whole, the project will boost the quality of clinical research in Europe.

An innovative approach to developing treatments for rare diseases
Developing treatments for rare diseases is fraught with challenges – the underlying biology of many rare diseases is still poorly understood, and the tiny numbers of patients make it hard to set up and run clinical trials. This topic will develop and test innovative trial designs and deliver methodological solutions that would speed up the development of treatments for rare/ultra-rare diseases. The project will focus in particular on so-called ‘white spots’ – conditions for which there is no approved treatment option and where development is not currently commercially viable.

Information on the IHI website can be accessed at this link (topics 3 and 4).