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January Neurofibromatosis Research Roundup

By January 15, 2010January 17th, 2024Newsletter

Recently published NF papers cover a range of topics. These include:  the controversial issue of using radiotherapy to treat NF2 tumors; how a patient’s NF2 genetic status might predict severity of the condition;   molecular advances in understanding the function of NF2 protein merlin (by recent CTF Young Investigator Awardee Timmy Mani);  a role for the Spred-1 (Legius Syndrome) gene in controlling brain development and patterning; new zebrafish models of NF1 that have vascular and cardiac valve abnormalities; speech charasteristics seen in NF1 patients; and the first case of germ line mosaicism in schwannomatosis.  For more on what’s new in NF publications, read the January Research Roundup.