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Moxie and Sparx Explain NF1 . . . at New York Comic Con!

By October 3, 2019February 28th, 2024Awareness, NF1, Tools for Kids

The Children’s Tumor Foundation has a presence this year at New York Comic Con, the largest pop culture event on the East Coast. CTF’s newest children’s resource, Moxie and Sparx Explain NF1, a short educational comic, will debut all weekend in NYCC’s Artist Alley at the table of the award-winning comic book studio Bottled Lightning.

The comic strip features a young girl named Maria who is asked to explain NF1 to her friend Jackson. Since NF is sometimes hard to explain, Moxie and Sparx swoop in to help!

In addition to appearing at NYCC, the comic strip is freely available to download at to kick off a new initiative called the CTF Library for Young Readers, and ignite CTF’s ongoing efforts to create and promote resources for people of all ages who live NF that will help them better understand and cope with their diagnosis.

Moxie and Sparx Explain NF1 was initiated by  CTF’s Director of Communications Vanessa Shealy Younger, who wrote the script. In addition to Younger, the creative team included art by Liz Latham, lettering by Nate Pride, and additional art by Sarah Elkins, Jessica Boehman, and Sasha Kimiatek.

The Children’s Tumor Foundation’s first comic was a one-page comic strip detailing CTF’s new research model, called Moxie and Sparx introduce the Accelerator. We are thrilled to continue using our two friendly mascots in this fun medium.