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Remembering Bara Colodne

By October 7, 2019December 5th, 2023NF1, Story of NF

We’re heartbroken to share that our 2004 NF Ambassador Bara Colodne has passed away. Bara represented courage, perseverance, resilience, incredible kindness, and joy. Despite her struggles with NF, she always found the energy to give to others, both in the NF community and beyond. “I love life,” Bara said. “NF is only one part of me, but I feel that it has given me a reason to see things differently and to be so compassionate about life.”

True to form, Bara fulfilled her desire to help others by earning a degree in social work. In her role as a Children’s Tumor Foundation ambassador and volunteer, she served as an inspiration to many within the community and beyond. She was a fighter in every sense of the word, having undergone over 30 surgeries and operations. But she never allowed NF to define her.

“NF is part of who I am, and I choose to see it as a gift… It has taught me many lessons: to be strong, to be a fighter, to push myself harder, and to become a better person. Having NF has allowed me to show compassion toward others and to see that we are all beautiful and special in our own ways.”

Bara was one of those most beautiful of souls, and we will miss her deeply. We remain inspired by the example she lived: that no matter what happens in life, there is always room to give joy and love to those around you.