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NF Endurance Team Top Ten Finish in Race Across America

By June 29, 2009December 5th, 2023Awareness, NF Endurance, Ways to Give

Our NF Endurance Team fielded three teams of four riders each in the grueling Race Across America.   Leaving Oceanside CA on Saturday June 20th, all three teams crossed the finish line in Annapolis MD on Sunday, June 28th after 3021 miles of driving rain, demanding mountains and 106 degree heat.

Team Sami, competing in the 4 rider mixed group, finished third in group and led the NF teams across the line in 7 days, 8 hours and 41 minutes, averaging  17.1 mph.

Ari’s Angels and Drew’s Crew, competing in the the 4 rider male group finished 8th and 10th with times of 7 days,  14 hours,  35 minutes, and 7 days, 23 hours and 18 minutes respectively.

Supporting each team every mile of the race was a dedicated support crew that changed flats, fixed meals and attended the hundreds of details required to meet this demanding challenge.  Chapters and Affiliates nationwide  gathered along the course to cheer the teams as they pedaled their way across the country.

To date the teams have raised over $200,000 for NF research, and have generated millions more in public awareness of NF.

Congratulations and thanks to all the riders and crew who made the commitment for this amazing race!

Team Sami: Tracy Wirtanen, Brent DeBenedet, Pete Coons, Ted Miller
Crew Chief: Gayle Luukkonen
Crew: Craig Luukkonen, Jeff Miller, Dan Miller, Zack Landis, Dave McVaugh, Jean Miller, David Stob, Ken Edmonds & Chris Quade

Ari’s Angels: Bill Edmonds, Bill Hardy, Dan Kendra, Steve Kendra
Crew Chief: Connie Oslica
Crew: Trish Hardy, Dan Kendra Jr., Katie Oslica, Lesley Oslica, Taylor Gentile, Florence McCarthy & Tom McVaugh

Drew’s Crew: Alan Sterner, Richard Keith, Anthony Colasurdo, Anthony Gallo
Crew Chief: Glenn Hermann
Crew: Jordan Schoeller, Trish Colasurdo, Peter Ambrosino, Terrie Matz, Lisa Burke, Christine Sterner, Mark Keith, MaryAnn Colasurdo & Kathy Sterner