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Pete Dingeman named Lenox Tools Hero

By June 28, 2009December 5th, 2023Awareness

Michigan Chapter President Pete Dingeman was named the winner of the Lenox Tools Hero award for 2009 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway Sunday morning.

Pete was nominated for the award by a Lenox Tools employee last year, and was selected as one of ten finalists in January.  While all of the finalists have made outstanding contributions to a variety of worthy organizations, Pete’s long time dedication and work to raise funds for NF research and promote public awareness, while battling the complications of the disorder personally, struck a chord with everyone who visited Lenox site (

Pete wins $31,000, with an additional $31,000 going to the Foundation.   We are happy to honor Pete’s request and apply these funds to the Young Investigator Award to Dr. Joanna Buchstaller at the University of Michigan.

The Foundation would like to sincerely thank Pete and Lenox Tools for their commitment to bettering the lives of those suffering from NF.  For more on this exciting announcement click here.