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Stories of NF: Samantha G

I was diagnosed with NF1 at the age of one. The only symptoms I had were a few café au lait spots and I cried constantly (they said that I was in pain, which is why I cried). I was raised on a farm where I had the enjoyment of having many pets from horses, cows, cats, and dogs. As I got older more spots came, as well as neurofibroma tumors. It has also affected my eyes and my learning.A person with long brown hair wearing glasses is smiling at the camera in a well-lit indoor setting.

As a person with NF, I live with lots of pain, as well as learning disabilities which makes it hard to find employment. I always wanted to work in childcare most of my life, which I have had a chance to do, but it’s time for a change. But I will always be willing to babysit for family and friends.

(My defining moment was at) NF camp, where I realized that there are many people with this disease, and that I am very lucky.

My family and friends make me happy, and I always try to smile and carry a positive attitude.

Favorite Song
This bar by Morgan Wallen

Dream Superpower
Being able to fly, so I never have to pay for gas again

Favorite Food
Well, I have a few, Lasagna or Surprise dip